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Straubinger Flutes
Straubinger Flutes - Customer Comments

"The Straubinger Flute provides a canvas for the musical artist to paint with a multitude of tone colors. This flute allows the performer's individual personality to emerge from the flute in a palatte of exceptionally beautiful tones and resonance."

   - Thomas Robertello
  Professor of Flutes, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

"I am really enjoying the new cut headjoint I got from you several weeks ago. The highs and lows all pop out easily now. This is something I have not had in my flute arsenal my whole life really; it seems one flute plays highs easily and another plays the lows easily. How did you do it??? I don't even feel like I need to warm up any more! Flute to lips and it all works. One of my friends got one too and has the same experience with it.

Thanks very, very much! You have certainly made my life easier."

"I picked up my beautiful flute from Straubinger Flutes in Indianapolis on November 7th, and feel that I have begun a lifetime of discovery with it! It's as though I've been painting with a child's 8 pan watercolor kit, and someone just took it away and in place of that, gave me the rainbow!"

   - Laura Hayden

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